Thursday, December 4, 2014

Sea Magazine features Big Dipper

We spent the summer converting an old,13 foot, 1950's ski boat into a Pocket  Yacht, " The Big Dipper".. Our intention is to cruise our boat by land and sea; a practical option to a tear drop trailer.

We launched at Lake of the Woods in Oregon in early September after 8 weeks of construction. Crowds would form around the boat at the dock; we were getting lots of attention. Then we went to the Marifest at the Tacoma Maritime Museum to sell our Pond Yachts; I had met Joseph Govednik this summer, from the museum and he invited us to participate.We asked for a place to park the boat since we were hauling it on our way to the San Juan Islands. Joseph took a look at The Big Dipper and placed our boat on the esplanade on display; wow.

Then while we were on the dock at the Port of Friday Harbor we met Emily Greenburg on the docks. She is a reporter for the Friday Harbor Journal. She wrote a story that I will try to post a link to. It can be found on their website.

Well then Sea magazine emailed me; they saw the Journal article and wanted to talk to us about doing a bit in their question and answer section. Well to make a log story short they decided to do a feature. This was reported to be in the December issue; but I checked and did not see the article. So hopefully the article will be out soon.

I am going to try to draw up what we built so that it could be built on other hulls. In the meantime I'm going to post a few pictures of the boat and the building process. If anyone is interested you can always contact us at

And by the way we are still making Pond Yachts and I am building and designing a new 30.5 inch Gaff Cutter. It will be RC or not. Its a pretty boat and it sails well. Hang on more later.

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